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SaniSource is a unique partnership program designed to offer customers a comprehensive approach to facility sanitation. Results are achieved by implementing best practices and procedures, using high quality branded products, training your cleaning professionals and maximizing mechanization for efficiency. Our trained consultants will systemize your products, procedures, and equipment while reducing overall costs. Your customized program will be created based upon your standards and goals and we will assist you with every aspect of implementation.

The objectives of our SaniSource sanitary maintenance program are to:

  • Survey and consolidate systems
  • Consider green cleaning goals and practices
  • Train, educate, and support your team
  • Standardize pricing and control inventory
  • Address compliance, safety, and health issues
  • Establish responsive communications
  • Provide economy, value, and consistency
  • Offer bundle services and program flexibility
  • Minimize supplier issues and simplify operations
  • Continuously improve your facility’s appearance