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Store Construction Contractor                              January 1, 2015

Re: Dick’s Store Setup Accessories

Delivery: Standard Shipping Included

Terms: Net 15, Credit Card, or Check

Prototype: Single Level/Two Level                                                                           

Standard Items

Item Number                          Description                         Pack Size                  Unit  Price             

1491000                      Bay West Foam Soap Dispenser         Each                      No Charge

1476700                      Bay West Roll Towel Dispenser         Each                      No Charge

1480300                          Bay West Toilet Tissue Dispenser      Each                      No Charge

ASI0332D                 Basic-Mounted Toilet seat Cover          Each                       35.60

(For Field & Stream Stores)

B-221                          Surface-Mounted Toilet Seat Cov.      Each                        32.38

B-6806.99×42             42” Handicap Grab Bar-Peened          Each                        41.55

B-6806 99×36             36” Handicap Grab Bar-Peened          Each                        39.25

B-6806 99×24             24” Handicap Grab Bar-Peened          Each                        37.70

B-680699×18             18” Handicap Grab Bar-Peened          Each                        36.00

B-165-1830                 Stainless Steel Mirror  30”                  Each                        56.95

B-165-1836                 Stainless Steel Mirror 36”                   Each                         76.95

B-293-1830                 Stainless Steel Tilt Mirror  30”           Each                        179.00

B-293-1836                 Stainless Steel Tilt Mirror 36”            Each                        205.75

B-682                          Coat Rack                                            Each                        34.15

B-270                          Sanitary Napkin Disposal                    Each                        29.60

B-370634-25               Semi Recessed San. Napkin Dis.        Each                       495.00

B-287                          Folding Utility Shelf                           Each                        71.00

RCP7822                    Waste Receptacle with lid – Beige      Each                      137.00

ASI 9012                     Baby Changing Station                       Each                      285.00

The attached quantity is for a typical prototype store.  If local code enforcement requires additional services or devices, please increase quantities based on the specifications for that store.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Merchandise must be inspected at time of delivery. Sanico will not be responsible for damaged product that is not noted at the time of delivery.

Thank you for your consideration.

John Sullivan

Specification & Cut Sheets


Click above to download all relevant specification sheets

Warranty Information

Manufacturer Warranty Info/Docs
ASI Per Spec Sheet: “Unit shall be warranted for five (5) years against defects in material or workmanship.”
Bobrick Bobrick-Product-Warranties.doc
Excel Dryer
Wausau Paper

1491218 Wausau Paper OptiSource Electric Foam Soap Dispenser

1477510 Wausau Paper OptiServ Hybrid Dual Towel Dispenser

1480300 Wausau Paper OptiCore Revolution Tissue Dispenser

All come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.